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We appreciate all the positive attention from our partners and interested news sources. In order to most effectively showcase MyPaydayPlan and the services we have to offer we've provided our logo resources so that you can import and display our brand in your high quality newscast or digital media campaign.

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The team at MyPaydayPlan can tell you all day long, about the easy sign-up, the lower payments, and the great service, but wouldn’t you rather hear it from our customers? Here are what just a few of them have to say:

NOTE: These are real people and real comments. To protect their privacy, we have used only their initials. If you need more detail on these customers, please contact us and we can provide a connection.

“It’s much easier paying weekly with MyPaydayPlan than making a larger lump sum payment each month. I love the way it’s done. It works great for us and I think it would work great for others as well. It is much more affordable!” S.P. – Tampa, Florida

“MyPaydayPlan converted my auto payment into smaller, easy to make payments that aligned with the way I’m paid. It’s a great way to manage a larger monthly payment. Once it was set up, it was worry free. I’ll never worry about missing a payment again.” C.M. – Midland, Michigan

“The reminders are great!. I always know when the weekly debits are going to be made. My husband and I are paid every other week; I’m paid one week and he’s paid the other, so this has worked perfectly. MyPaydayPlan definitely made my decision to purchase much easier. It’s much more convenient than having to save for one lump sum payment. We’ve never had any service issues and it’s worked out great for us.” D.K. – Freeland, Michigan

“Payments are made every Friday, when I’m paid which means I never miss a payment. I feel confident that I’ll never miss a payment. It’s worked great for me and I like being reminded every time a debit will be made.” M.S. – St. Petersburg, Florida

“MyPaydayPlan makes paying my loan stress free. I don’t have to worry about making a big payment at the end of the month because smaller payments have already been automatically collected. The initial payment was a stretch but now everything is much easier and I’m glad you have this available. I’m a student and always under a time crunch and my car payment is one less thing I have to worry about.” B.O. - Midland, Michigan

“I never have to write a check and use stamps and MyPaydayPlan made it easier to purchase my vehicle. We’re on a strict budget and MyPaydayPlan made our payments more affordable. Debits are made shortly after I’m paid and the system works out great for me!” J.W. – Lupton, MI

“MyPaydayPlan is great! It’s convenient and the debits align with the way I’m paid. I don’t have to set aside monthly each time I’m paid to make a monthly payment which works great with my busy schedule. It made my purchase so much easier.” A.W. – Tampa, Florida

“MyPaydayPlan provided me with a more manageable way to paying my loan by taking smaller fixed amounts out of every paycheck instead of a lump sum. In addition to email or text notifications, the support services are top-notch and are readily available to answer questions.” S.G. – Midland, MI

“I really like MyPaydayPlan. It was a bit of a pain at first but now it works great for us and it really helps us budget. I used to have to juggle my monthly payments around depending on when they fell during the month and it was a struggle at times. Now I have smaller payments equally distributed throughout the month and there’s no more worry about making them on time. That eliminates the temptation to spend what I should set aside because it’s already collected. Now, I know that whatever is left over every week is available to me.” W.A. – Midland, Michigan

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