About MyPaydayPlan

Year founded: 2010
Headquarters: Midland, Michigan

Who we are:

MyPaydayPlan is a wholly owned subsidiary of ePaySelect, Inc. and is a revolutionary payment processing service for healthcare providers that collects payments using the Federal Reserve’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. This system is the lowest cost money moving technology ever devised. Our unique and revolutionary service enhances the ACH system by slicing monthly payments into smaller amounts that make it easier for the customer to pay which improves collections and customer satisfaction.

What we do:

MyPaydayPlan utilizes a proprietary payment processing system that schedules and collects smaller debits, derived from the customer’s payday frequency and the monthly payment amount. Our exclusive Date Selection Software enables your staff to synchronize paydays with monthly payment dates.

Improved payment processing solution for consumers and healthcare providers:

MyPaydayPlan is the only “more frequently than monthly” payment processor that benefits both the patient and provider. Smaller, automated payments are much more attractive for patients to commit to which increases the likelihood of collection. The provider benefits by receiving the full monthly payment electronically which reduces administrative costs. This methodology also decreases the chance of patients missing a payment or discontinuing paying altogether. This improves the entire process for the patient and the provider.

The Team

Eric Ostergren

Eric Ostergren
President & Chief Executive Officer

Eric Ostergren is President and Chief Executive Officer of ePaySelect, Inc., a hybrid payment processing company based in Midland, Michigan. He started selling bi-weekly payment systems in 1991 then over time developed and refined the unique MyPaydayPlan payment system that converts monthly payments into the smallest payments possible. Eric is the founder and current Board Member of ePaySelect, Inc.

Eric has over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry and his career as an entrepreneur spanned roles in sales to automobile dealerships, sales and marketing computer technologies, software design, testing, and training. Eric was an avid Golden Gloves and Professional boxer and the winner of the first “Tough Man" Contest in 1979 and was also a professional kick boxer.

Born in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, Ostergren attended Northwood University on a football scholarship graduating with an associate degree in Business Administration.

Ostergren earned his Series 7, 63, 65 Securities licenses and several insurance licenses with the State of Michigan and worked for Smith Barney in 2001. Ostergren resides in Midland, Michigan with his wife Karen. They have five adult children.

Karen Ostergren

Karen Ostergren
Chairman & Chief Financial Officer

Karen Ostergren is Chairman and Chief Financial Officer of ePaySelect, Inc., a national payment processing company based in Midland, Michigan operating as MyPaydayPlan.com. She joined ePaySelect in 2006 and was named Chairman and Chief Financial Officer in January 2012.

Her previous 25-year Dow career has spanned roles in tax, tax technologies, SAP R3 accounting systems, project management, and Global Leader of Delegation of Authority. In 2003, she earned a Black Belt certificate in Six Sigma methodologies.

What is a Black Belt?

A person who is part of the leadership structure for process improvement teams are called "Black Belts" and are highly-regarded, technically-oriented product or line personnel who have an ability to lead teams as well as to advise management. "Six Sigma" measures the capability of a process to perform defect-free work.

Born in Midland, Michigan (5th generation) attended Central Michigan University graduating with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a major in Accounting. She was a charter member of the CMU Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi.

Ostergren is a Licensed Certified Public Accountant, a member of the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants, and a member of the National Association of Professional Women.

Ostergren resides in Midland, Michigan with her husband Eric. They have five adult children.

Dan Gordon
General Counsel, ePaySelect, Inc.

Dan Gordon is a General Counsel of ePaySelect, Inc., a company based in Midland, Michigan operating as MyPaydayPlan.com. He joined ePaySelect in 2006 as President and CEO and was named to the General Counsel in 2009.

Dan is an attorney and business consultant managing successful companies that were eventually bought by other major firms throughout the United States.

Dan graduated with a bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College and with a law degree from George Washington University (1965). He is a practicing member of the Pennsylvania Bar.

His previous professional career has spanned roles as CEO for COIN Financial Systems, Inc. ranking 281 on Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies with a 4-year growth of 904% with annual sales in 1986 of $17.7 million.

Gordon resides in Georgia with his wife, Bonnie.

John M Miller

John M Miller
Board Member

John Miller is a “Serial” Entrepreneur who has created and sold several very successful businesses including @utoRevenue and Adirondack Audio and Video, LLC. Miller also purchased a large stake in KeyTrak, Inc. and took over as VP of Sales in early 1997. 1996 Revenue was $4 million and in less than 30 months he and his team grew the company to over $20 Million in annual sales in multiple industries. The company was then sold in December of 1999.

Miller also an Angel Investor, is always looking for ways to help others achieve their dreams.

Miller attended Southern Vermont College studying Business Administration earning an associate degree in Business. Miller currently resides in New York.

Barb Muessig

Barb Muessig
CEO Rocky Bay Communications
Public Affairs, Communications, & Marketing

Barb Muessig is a valued member of the MyPaydayPlan team. Muessig is CEO of Rocky Bay Communications and is an experienced marketing and communications professional with extensive strategic planning, program implementation and management, and media and community relations.

Bob Ottaway

Bob Ottaway
CEO Ottaway Digital

Bob Ottaway is CEO and owner of Ottaway Digital located in Detroit, Michigan. The Ottaway team is exceptional with web design, web-based security, site optimization, and lead generation. The team has over 10 years of excellent experience and knowledge and they have been instrumental in the growth of MyPaydayPlan.com.